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Ceaseless Creativity in a Sustainable World

Enhance traceability and expiry date labelling with our Food Safety Solutions

Manage Store Operations and Serve Customers Better with our Retail Solutions

Achieve greater production efficiency and visibility with our Manufacturing Solutions

Achieve absolute accurate identification for patient safety and peace of mind

Maximise workers productivity and supply chain traceability with our Transport & Logistics Solutions


Customer experience is everything. This means that retailers need to ensure that they have the items customers want to buy, be able to implement markdowns and promotions quickly and have accurate visibility of stock information at all times.

Using barcode labelling, RFID tagging and scanning, SATO offers one-stop solution to help retailers meet these needs and stay ahead of the game.

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As a manufacturer, you constantly look into ways to maximise your production efficiency, minimise costs and wastage and enhance your worker's productivity in order to offer great quality products while keeping cost-competitive.

SATO offers reliable solutions designed for use in harsh industrial environment to help manufacturers gain greater visibility and enhance the efficiency of their operations from the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of finished goods. Through accurate identification and tracking within the manufacturing process, manufacturers can uncover opportunities to eliminate unnecessary costs and wastages as well as improve productivity of workers.

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Transportation and Logistics

As a specialist in moving goods from their point of origin to a final destination, tracking the goods and assets in your system is at the very heart of your business and you need to know what is where, whether it is stored or in transit and when it will arrive at its next destination.

Utilising Auto-ID technologies such as barcode and RFID, transportation and logistics providers can accurately identify goods at any level be it item, pallet or container. Our reliable solutions enable the real-time tracking and visibility of items from one end of the supply chain to the other so as to help transportation and logistics providers enhance efficiency and ensure successful on-time delivery of all items to their destinations.

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About SATO In Australia

SATO Australia Pty. Ltd. is an end-to-end provider of solutions leveraging on Auto-ID technologies such as barcode and RFID for a myriad of industries ranging from Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics to Retail, Healthcare, Food and more.

As a one-stop solutions provider, we offer full suite of products and services including hardware, consumables, software, maintenance and work with world-class partners to provide customised solutions catered to best meet the needs of our customers.

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Our Partners