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About SATO Healthcare Australia

On the 5th August 2015, SATO Healthcare Australia was formed as a new division of SATO with the vision of becoming a workflow solution provider for hospitals, medical organisations and healthcare businesses seeking to improve patient safety and realise peace of mind through the use of auto-identification technology solutions.

Building on the expertise accumulated over SATO Group’s years of involvement within the healthcare industry, SATO Healthcare Australia aims to become the leader in Patient Safety Solutions (PSS). Currently providing solutions utilising auto-ID technologies such as PJM RFID and barcodes to reduce medical errors and track medical items such as blood bags. The establishment of SATO Healthcare has expanded SATO Group’s offering to the global healthcare industry even further with comprehensive solutions of printers, labels, wristbands, software, and maintenance services designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare industry professionals and their patients.

SATO Healthcare collaborates with SATO Vicinity, another recent addition to the SATO family, and a pioneer in RFID technology, well-recognised for its unique PJM (Phase Jitter Modulation) radio frequency data transmission technology. Co-operation between these two companies will enable SATO to create new value for its customers through the use of cutting edge track and trace technology.