SATO Provides Solution to Let Hospitals Focus on Frontline Care

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SATO Provides Solution to Let Hospitals Focus on Frontline Care

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Intuitive Printer Display app streamlines workflows, displaying only pertinent info on printer to reduce burden on staff

SATO Corporation, a global pioneer in auto-ID and labeling solutions today began offering a new Intuitive Printer Display application1 for its CT4-LX series printer. The app greatly improves usability with minimal and intuitive screen layout, allowing caregivers to focus on patient care.

In the hospital, accurate management of assets and on-demand printed ID labels used in many scenarios are critical to patient safety. Wristbands are used to identify new-borns immediately after birth and inpatients at registration. Caregivers must crosscheck patient IDs with various medication and specimen labels, blood labels and food labels. Sterilized hospital equipment must also be properly managed.

If a printer error occurs, it is often the frontline care workers that must troubleshoot them. This may slow overburdened nurses handling many patients. A simple error caused by inadvertently changing a printer setting can cause operations to grind to a halt.

With SATO’s new app, staff only see what they need. They can access support videos that give easy-to-understand instructions to troubleshoot or tech support info. The new layout facilitates timely replenishment of supplies by allowing SATO resellers to set contact information on-screen at all times. Off-hours tech support contact info and the printer IP address can also be set right on the home screen. Visuals and custom logos can be added, making it easier to see at a glance what each printer is used for.

“SATO pays close attention to detail in addressing on-site stress factors at hospitals,” said Kevin Allart, Vice President of SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd. “By improving our printer UX, we can simplify the troubleshooting process for nurses and IT teams, contributing to better care and better outcomes.”

The new app is optimized for the SATO CT4-LX and CT4-LX-HC (health care series) desktop label printer 4.3-inch touchscreen. With its branded home screen layout, the app shows all operational information, from printer location, printing application, asset ID and IP address in a single view to avoid mix-ups by hospital staff.

The app is available in 31 languages for use in facilities worldwide. Learn more about SATO CT4-LX-HC desktop printer for hospitals here.

Learn more about how the app was used at Kanazawa Medical University Hospital in Japan:

1. The app is compatible with SATO’s native Application Enabled Printing (AEP) printer intelligence platform


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