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Electrical And Electronic Component

Solutions for Electrical & Electronic Component Industries

Leverage IoT-enabled devices and solutions to accelerate your smart factory transformation. SATO works with world-class IoT partners to help electrical and electronic component manufacturers achieve greater visibility, production quality and productivity.

SATO FA Solution
Factory Automation for Electronic Industry

The value of SATO’s RFID

SATO is capable of manufacturing RFID tags equipped with not just standard inlays but also original inlays tailored to customer’s requests. Antennas are designed and manufactured in our high-speed production facility and then converted to tags and labels to suit customer’s operations. With our experience and know-how in label production, we ensure the quality of the RFID tags and labels which are used in the one-stop solutions we provide to customers to tackle their challenges.

SATO FA solution for Electronic
Factory Automation for Electronic

Storage / Warehouse

Achieve First-In First-Out (FIFO) management, inventory visibility and streamlined workflow

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations (Eliminate manual writing)
    • Label inbound materials / components with barcode or QR code containing digital data of item location, expiry date, etc.
  • Enable First-In First-Out (FIFO) manageme
    • Achieve FIFO by automatically checking expiry date / lot number. This helps reduce wastage and save cost.
  • Enhance inventory visibility and location management
    • Apply location ID label to goods on arrival to improve efficiency of receiving and delivery.
  • Streamline workflow for greater efficiency
    • Voice-activated label printing
    • Hands-free operation using wearable devices
    • Utilise character recognition technology to print receiving labels

SATO Product Barcode Printer PW208NX / FX3-LX / Label


Data at a glance – Human / physical resources at your production site

  • Clean room entry / exit management
    • Using RFID staff ID cards for access control helps ensure tighter security control and hygiene of clean room manufacturing facilities.
  • RFID asset management
    • Apply RFID and chemical / heat resistant labels on roll box pallets, fixtures and tools in the factory for better management and loss prevention.
  • Streamline inventory management
    • Use RFID to improve the efficiency of performing regular inventory count for parts, equipment, work-in-process, etc.

RFID labels / Barcode & RFID Document Management

Manufacturing / Processing (Operational Visibility)

Gain visibility of production status and productivity levels through process monitoring

  • Visualisation of workflow and processes
    • By centrally managing data of production processes, you can identify potential bottlenecks that can be addressed for improved total throughput.

SATO Barcode Printer LR4NX-FA / CLNX Plus / CT4-LX / PW208NX

Manufacturing / Processing (Automation / Quality improvement)

Productivity and quality improvement through automation

  • Productivity improvement through RFID
    • Manufacturers can enhance productivity and avoid human errors in operational processes by retrieving data encoded in RFID labels and tags without line of sight scanning.
  • People / Facilities tracking
    • Monitor your workforce availability and attendance record effectively with RFID, Quuppa, MEDITAG and more.
  • Robotics solution (Labelling, Carton forming / sealing, Product conveying)
    • Save time by automating the printing and applying of C3 / D / Nameplate labels. Working with partners, we also provide automated carton forming & sealing solution for enhanced productivity.
  • Quality improvement
    • Track usage count of tools and molds using RFID to ensure proper maintenance is performed for optimum product quality. For ESD-protected areas, SATO works with suppliers to provide ESD solutions such as antistatic footwearchecker using RFID.

SATO Product CLNX Plus / RFID Label


Ensure fast and accurate delivery of products with top quality

  • Prevent shipment errors
    • SATO provides digital picking solutions and picking carts for you to ensure accuracy when shipping products.
  • Inventory management
    • With barcode and RFID technologies, inventory count and management can be performed more efficiently. User can also achieve FIFO management and better control quantity & age of finished goods inventory.
  • Traceability
    • User can capture data of product’s serial number with its shipping destination so that item can be easily traced whenever necessary for e.g. in the event of product defects.

Simple Inventory Management / Visual Warehouse

Inspection and Measurement

Perform quality control with greater accuracy and efficiency

  • Auto-inspection
    • Improve inspection accuracy by using image-based Deep Learning (AI).
  • Improve inspection accuracy
    • Manage post-inspection samples by scanning ID labels.
  • Eliminate handwriting inspection results
    • Save time by using a tablet for recording inspection results instead of handwriting. Inspection results can also be saved in various digital formats.

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