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Manufacturing environments are harsh! SATO industrial thermal printers are reliable and easy to repair which ensures minimal downtime. When unique labeling requirements and mission-critical applications are part of the equation, let SATO help simplify things.

Thermal barcode printers and RFID smart labels from SATO benefit every segment of manufacturing from distribution and logistics to inventory tracking and pick/pack/ship processes.

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Food Service & Distribution

The traceability of food products through the supply chain has moved beyond a trend to an essential action for provisions producers, distributors and retailers. Complete control from farm-to-fork or seafood-to-sushi is attainable with SATO thermal and RFID printing solutions. Items at virtually any level (carton, crate, pallet or clamshell) can be identified, recalled or returned with accuracy and ease.

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We’re a leading provider of barcode application solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Comprehensive and affordable healthcare solutions to reduce your cost of operation, improve the quality of identification – all while empowering healthcare professionals with the tools to enhance their data collection needs.

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About SATO in Vietnam

SATO is a global barcode and RFID technology company that focuses on data collection and label printing. We are a manufacturer of barcode thermal printers and is recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance. Our comprehensive line of bar coding and Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) products and services includes: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printers, RFID Printers and Tags, Integration Services, Print Engines (Print & Apply), 10.5-Inch Wide Web Thermal Printers, Printer Accessories, Label Design Software, Thermal Labels and Ribbons, Hand Labelers

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