Chatbot now available on SATO websites in Asia Pacific - Asia Pacific

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Chatbot now available on SATO websites in Asia Pacific

SATO has launched a chatbot function on our websites for the Asia Pacific region, to offer more convenient and timely technical service and support to our printer users.

The chatbot is available on any of our Service & Support webpages as seen below.

Using the chatbot, customers can type simple questions they have regarding printer usage and maintenance such as print head cleaning, platen roller replacement or label roll installation. They will then be guided to quick solutions in the form of online manuals, demo videos and more.

The chatbot also allows customers to reach out easily to SATO’s technical support teams for more complex issues.

This new function has been rolled out in English on our Asia Pacific websites for a start and will be progressively extended to other regions in different languages.

For inquiries, please contact us here.