myBurgerLab delivers great taste and freshest quality with food safety solution from SATO - Asia Pacific

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myBurgerLab delivers great taste and freshest quality with food safety solution from SATO

แท็ก: Food & Beverage Food Safety FX3-LX

Shah Alam, Malaysia, March 31, 2020 – SATO, a global pioneer in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions today announced that myBurgerLab, a fast food restaurant chain in Malaysia, has implemented its FX3-LX food labelling solution at its central kitchen for systematic ingredient management to provide full assurance of food safety.

Established in 2012, myBurgerLab is committed to providing high-quality, great-tasting food to its customers. Its signature charcoal buns are made from scratch in their bakery daily and beef patties are ground and hand-packed everyday to retain their freshness and juiciness. With six retail outlets in Malaysia and over 2,000 burgers sold per day, myBurgerLab needed a solution to help manage food stock rotation for its central kitchen more efficiently.

After understanding myBurgerLab’s current operations and challenges on site, SATO introduced a food labelling solution using its intuitive FX3-LX touchscreen standalone printer. The FX3-LX is designed with the needs of food preparation environments in mind with its antibacterial casing, effortless operability even when wearing rubber gloves and a splash-proof IPx2 rating.

FX3-LX automatically calculates and prints best-before labels for ingredients used by myBurgerLab in its central kitchen

Leveraging its onboard printing intelligence technology Application Enabled Printing (AEP), SATO customised an app to help myBurgerLab simplify its printing operations with higher accuracy than before. As part of its one-stop solution, SATO also provided high-quality freezer-grade labels tested to work best in myBurgerLab’s kitchen.

“We have successfully rolled out the SATO food labelling solution and have been using it since November 2019. It has tremendously improved our efficiency now that we no longer have to manually calculate and write date labels for ingredients. We can now focus more on developing new food offerings and coming up with initiatives to engage customers for better service.” said Vijaya Priya Darshini, Central Kitchen Manager, myBurgerLab.

“It has been a pleasure working with myBurgerLab to help them optimise their kitchen operations with accurate and efficient ingredient labelling. Our solution offers myBurgerLab and their customers peace of mind that their food not only tastes great, but is also made of fresh ingredients safe for consumption. We believe that we can help other restaurant businesses with similar challenges to achieve the same efficiency gains as well.” commented Satoji Ichiki, Managing Director of SATO Auto-ID Malaysia.

SATO looks forward to its continued partnership with myBurgerLab to discover more opportunities to streamline processes and help it exceed the expectations of its customers when it comes to food quality and customer service.


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