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Automobile Assembly

Solutions for Automotive Industry – Vehicle Assembly

IoT is rapidly changing the way manufacturers operate their business. SATO helps automotive manufacturers gather real-time production data for operational efficiency & product quality improvements through IoT-enabled devices and solutions.

The value of SATO’s RFID

Automobile Assembly
Automobile Assembly Industry Map

SATO is capable of manufacturing RFID tags equipped with not just standard inlays but also original inlays tailored to customer’s requests. Antennas are designed and manufactured in our high-speed production facility and then converted to tags and labels to suit customer’s operations. With our experience and know-how in label production, we ensure the quality of the RFID tags and labels which are used in the one-stop solutions we provide to customers to tackle their challenges.

SATO Solution
Automobile Assembly Solution


Visualise status of worker operation and facility

  • Send immediate notification for prompt recovery
    • Link factory equipment including machines, robots, and PLCs with wearable devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. Workers can receive immediate notification on their devices in the event of error or breakdown which will greatly speed up response time for recovery. Messages to alert worker of changeover can also be set to improve operational efficiency.
  • Visualise facility status for operational improvement
    • Collect data of production process including facilities and workers efficiently by utilising IoT-enabled solutions. Such data is useful for further analysis to enhance factory QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and support decision making for business improvement.

Voice Inventory Management / Warehouse Management Solution

Sub-assembly plant

Multiple nameplate label printing solutions to enable traceability

  • Print and apply nameplate labels automatically
    • We provide a range of printer models and labels for nameplate label printing. Connect printers with labelling robots for automatic print-and-apply labelling to further save time and effort.
  • Print using Application Enabled Printing (AEP) technology
    • AEP enables label printing directly from PLC without the need for PC. AEP also supports the following functions to suit your requirements:

SATO Barcode Printer LR4NX-FA / CLNX Plus


Solutions for operational error prevention and quality assurance

  • Enhance mold management with location tracking technology
    • Apply tag on each mold so that it can be read within the factory. SATO works with indoor location tracking solution providers such as ‘Quuppa’ to help you enhance your work efficiency by easily locating the right mold to be used for production.
  • Tool management with RFID
    • With a growing product portfolio, there will be a need for new tools for manufacturing. Manage the increasing number of tools efficiently using RFID technology. Apply RFID labels on each tool and other assets such as trolleys and cage carts for more effective tracking.

RFID labels / Barcode & RFID Document Management


Location tracking technology to avoid downtime

  • Location management of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
    • AGVs are used in manufacturing for various purposes such as to transport materials for production. With indoor location tracking solution by ‘Quuppa’ or using beacons, user can track movement and location of AGV to minimise or prevent production delays.

Real-Time Location Tracking


Auto-ID technologies to improve productivity and traceability

  • Manage safety and measure worker performance using vital signs monitoring beacon ‘MEDiTAG’
    • MEDiTAG enables tracking of location and vital signs such as heart rate of user. Data collected from MEDiTAG can be used for safety management such as fall detection as well as analysed for the improvement of worker performance.
  • Prevent operational error using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) location tracking technology
    • UWB-based location tracking system prevents operational error and logs work history as records. Apply UWB tags to tools such as torque wrench and connect to the system for traceability records such as which worker had used it, on which car, and with which tension it was used for screw tightening.
  • Improve efficiency on parts picking
    • Visual Warehouse route navigation system uses 3D map and audio navigation to enhance efficiency of parts picking. System calculates shortest picking route using its proprietary algorithm and provides route with picking order to picker via ipod worn on his / her arm.

Service & Support


Outdoor location tracking

  • Positioning with ‘Michibiki’ – Japanese satellite navigation system
    • Michibiki can be used to reinforce Global Positioning System (GPS) to achieve positioning with greater precision. User can capture status of objects in real-time and collect digital data such as location, time and movement to improve management efficiency and information traceability, which was conventionally difficult to be captured.



Solutions to improve operational efficiency

  • Voice inspection
    • Using voice technology to record inspection data enables inspection to be done hands-free without need to switch hands from inspection tools to inspection sheet for manual recording. This saves time and greatly enhances efficiency.

Voice Inventory Management

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